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17th October 2021

Christopher Nosnibor

Sometimes, a track just slaps you round the face in just a matter of bars and it’s an instant grab. It’s not always possible to pinpoint what it is that’s got you by the throat in those mere seconds, but sometimes, it’s simply everything – and that’s the case for ‘Mr Obsanity’, the debut single, from London / Norway trio Borderline Toxic, who’ve come stumbling out of lockdown with all the rage and a new band on their hands, proving tat when it comes to creativity and collaboration, geography is no obstacle. If / when it comes to operating as a live unit, it may, but for now, let’s focus on the matter at hand – that of this release.

It tears from the speakers with a ball-bustingly weighty riff with grating distortion all over it. If the intro is pure sludge, then things fizz all the harder when the vocals arrive, all punky sass as they swipe hard at powerful figures who swing around casual misogyny racism like it’s ok – and it’s not.

‘Obsanity’ is one of those compound words – of which I am a fan, I have to admit – that had somehow bypassed me, and so I had to look it up to find that the definition, as noted way back in 2004, is ‘foul language uttered by an insane person’. And without naming names – just as the band don’t name names – the song’s targets are at best thinly veiled, but in rendering the lyrics non-explicit, they become applicable on a wider scale. It’s not just high profilers who this applies to: we all know at least one or two of these types in person, at work, on social media, and you find yourself thinking, shut up. I really don’t need to listen to this shit.

Settling into a lumbering groove, ‘Mr Obsanity’ really kicks ass, and we need more of this.

Borderline Toxic Artwork

23rd April 2021

Christopher Nosnibor

They may be in the midst of a lineup change and lacking a guitarist and drummer, but while live activity isn’t an option, London-based Emergency are still in aa position to raise their profile with the release of single ‘Another Hit’, a swipe at social media and its content creators, while also turning the lens inwards and reflecting on the role of the consumer and the element of hypocrisy that’s inherent within that.

It’s relatable, to the extent that most of us do it, and I’ll confess my guilt also: I’ve spent what feel like an eternity bitching about Instagram being the platform for vain hipsters before finally relenting and setting up and account ostensibly because, y’know, maximum exposure and all, but I feel like a sell-out and a hypocrite, but it’s just the way of the world, right? Like being absolutely sick to death of everyone’s pictures of their pets and their meals, so electing to do the same, only ‘ironically’ – right? Fuck it. Postmodernism is dead, irony is dead. Thankfully, killer tunes played with energy never die, and ‘Another Hit’ is tight, punchy, zesty, and a shade acerbic, packing some sharp critique and packaged into some astute guitar-driven post-punk influenced indie, with a dash of surf rock and a hint of Franz Ferdinand in the mix.

It’s choppy, dynamic, and has one of those buzzing riffs that drills into your head on the very first listen. Absolute killer.


Emergency - Artwork