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Oregon-based electronic act, Luscious Apparatus has just unveiled their debut single, ‘Infiltrate.’

‘Infiltrate’ is about domestic violence, the kindness of strangers, and helping someone escape from an abusive relationship. The lyrics were triggered by an article that offered an excruciatingly detailed account of the horrors inflicted upon one of the victims of Brian Warner, aka Marilyn Manson.
The song speaks to the often terrible and destructive power wielded by abusers. It attempts to inspire hope and strength for anyone who has found themselves in an abusive situation and are trying to find their way out of the fog.

Check ‘Infiltrate’ here:

Luscious Apparatus blends cinematic soundscapes, synths, shoegaze textures, and syncopated percussion, to create a sound best described as Electrogaze or Noir Pop.  Founded by Jack Norton as a studio project in 2019, the Portland, OR based act evolved during the great plague of the early 2020s with the arrival of Sandi Leeper on vocals. Catherine Hukle, a guitarist from Seattle, moved to Portland, providing the band’s signature walls of sound. Daniel Henderson joined on drums in late 2021. All members are active in writing and producing for LUSCIOUS APPARATUS.

Luscious Apparatus’ roots are spread wide throughout the post-90’s post-punk scenes. They incorporate everything from goth and industrial to indie rock, electronica, and trip-hop. Influences are broad: from Nine Inch Nails to Garbage. Joy Division to Massive Attack. Gary Numan to My Bloody Valentine. Frontline Assembly and Delerium.


Cunts, the snarling LA-based punk band featuring Michael Crain (Dead Cross/Retox) and Matt Cronk (Qui), release their self-titled debut album on 1 Nov via Ipecac Recordings. Ahead of the full album review, you can listen to the debut single, ‘A Hero’s Welcome’ here:



Much as we love all things angular and abrasive, noisy and nasty here at Aural Aggravation, we equally have a vast apprecition of lightness and melody. And so, we’re elated to bring you a video exclusive in the form of the debut single from Amber Warren.


‘Cobwebs’ is a charming, reflective, delicate and and truly lovely song, brimming with wistful melancholy. It’s accompanied by a beautifully-shot video directed by Patrick Mateer.

You can watch it here:


Every email and every press release which accompanies every CD – or at least every other email and every other press release – promises the arrival of a staggeing new talent, a band offering explosive riffs or massive anthems. It doesn’t take long to become immune to the hyperbole, and the spial downwards from enthusiams to despair is a rapid one when every any brings more music than an etitorial team of fifty could even contemplate let alone physically listen to.

So why do we do it? Because even when a press release makes generic promises about a band, sometimes they’re actually worth the effort.  The email says that ‘London rockers Saints Patience share their retro-electro anthem debut single ‘Break Of Dawn’ out July 8th’ and the truth is it’s hard to muster a shrug. Whaddaya know? It’s actually a decent tune and hints at a band with some serious potential.

Hear it here: