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The Anchoress writes: ‘In the wake of the overturning of Roe v Wade there was only one song that I was ever going to tackle this month, ‘Pennyroyal Tea‘ by Nirvana – named after the herb pennyroyal that was used historically to induce abortions. I have so much anger and sadness over what is happening in America right now as a women’s autonomy over her own body is put into question. Whatever your thoughts on what is happening to reproductive rights, I hope you find some comfort in this contemplative version of a song that’s always held a lot of power for me.”

It’s a stunning rendition.

Listen and download here:



Ahead of the release of her second album on March 12th, The Anchoress has announced her new single, the title track from ‘The Art of Losing’ out Jan 22nd, following its premiere by Steve Lamacq on BBC 6Music and the NME.

It’s accompanied by a striking video riffing on ‘fake news’ and the role the media play in reporting tragedy. The new single updates the optimistic new wave pop sound of David Bowie, Depeche Mode, and Talk Talk, and is produced by Davies and mixed by Grammy award winning Bowie collaborator Mario McNulty. Watch the video here: