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The Anchoress writes: ‘In the wake of the overturning of Roe v Wade there was only one song that I was ever going to tackle this month, ‘Pennyroyal Tea‘ by Nirvana – named after the herb pennyroyal that was used historically to induce abortions. I have so much anger and sadness over what is happening in America right now as a women’s autonomy over her own body is put into question. Whatever your thoughts on what is happening to reproductive rights, I hope you find some comfort in this contemplative version of a song that’s always held a lot of power for me.”

It’s a stunning rendition.

Listen and download here:



23rd September 2020

Christopher Nosnibor

Just two days before the release of their new album, Forever on the Road, Healthy Junkies have dropped a cover of Nirvana’s ‘Something in the Way.’

To my ear, the Nevermind version was a shade lacking, and while it works well enough in the overall context of the album, the hard-to-find electric version has not only more bite, but also more passion and, perhaps unexpectedly, more atmosphere, the howling feedback that form the lead guitar line bringing a whole new dimension.

I can’t help but wonder if this was, at least in part, the template for Healthy Junkies’ take on the track, which places a unique stamp on it and adds a whole load of layers – and noise – in comparison to the version everyone knows.

It’s something of a departure for the band: instead of the punky grunge sound that’s their signature, they’ve adopted a decidedly shoegaze style here. The guitars cascade in deep, washing blurs, layered and rich in texture, and Nina Courson’s ethereal, breathy vocal is more Toni Halliday than Courtney Love. The result is haunting and possesses a real depth that draws the listener into the heart of the song. Understated, but strong.