FEN release the epic and constantly shape-shifting track ‘Truth Is Futility’ as the second single taken from the East Anglians’ forthcoming album Monuments to Absence, which is slated for release on July 7, 2023.

Fen comment on ‘Truth Is Futility’: “The title says it all: the quest for truth is a futile one and even when presented with self-evident realities, our species will violently reject anything that contradicts enshrined dogma and the fragile beliefs to which many desperately nail their sense of identity to", mastermind Frank “The Watcher” Allain muses. “History has shown time and again that the purveyors of knowledge, the seekers of understanding, and those who challenge conventional wisdom are persecuted and stigmatised. At the very core of most of us lurks the kernel of one actual truth that many of us dare not even admit to ourselves: we do not desire to know the fundamental truths of ourselves and our world. We do not want our cosseted egos and comfortable safety blankets to be disturbed in any way – even by the revelations of enlightenment. Against such cemented defence, what is real truth if nothing but futility? Musically, this song is a true Fen ‘journey’. We feel that ‘Truth Is Futility’ embodies the balance of intensity, encroaching despair, and the primordial roar of rage that can be the only genuine reaction to such hopelessness.”

Hear ‘Truth is Futility’ here:



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