Watch: ‘Speak of Sin (Jim Davies Remix)’ by PIG

Posted: 6 October 2022 in Recommended Streams and Videos
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What does worldwide quarantine do to our favourite porcine libertine? Raymond Watts holed up in his sty and created The Merciless Light, the new album by PIG. Ably aided and abetted by long time accomplices En Esch and Steve White, Watts also welcomes a new swine to the trough as Jim Davies(Pitchshifter/The Prodigy) adds another new level of impeccable (in)credibility and talent.

The Merciless Light seethes, swings, seduces and snarls. Extraordinary electronics and a glut of glitz, glam, guitars and grooves create a masterful mélange of mirth from our very own venerable Vicar of Vice.

Today, PIG shine the spotlight on the seven deadly’s with Ed Finkler’s stunning new video for the album song ‘Speak Of Sin’. For when too much isn’t enough, this visual treat will burn your eyeballs and beat your ears as the latest of the bounteous delights to be lifted from The Merciless Light.

Watch the video here:    



PIG photography by E Gabriel Edvy

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