Listen: ‘Niende Mars’ by Haavard

Posted: 14 September 2022 in Recommended Streams and Videos
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HAAVARD, the acoustic brainchild of mastermind and sole member Håvard Jørgensen (aka Lemarchand of early ULVER and SATYRICON fame) has released the melancholic yet optimistic track ‘Niende Mars’ ("9th of March") as the second single taken from the Norwegian’s self-titled debut full-length Haavard, which has been slated for release on November 11.

Listen here:


HAAVARD comments: "The track ‘Niende Mars’ deals on one hand with the fear of losing what’s most important to you, and on the other with reconciliation", the guitarist and singer reveals. "It moves through the cloud of unknowing, and the painful turmoil leads to an opening – a new view, a new perspective, a new path to follow as well as ways to evolve through hopes and fears. In my eyes, the expressive dynamics and dense instrumentation of this piece are a reflection of all of those feelings. After the storm comes calm."


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