Watch: ‘Orchid’ by Black Nail Cabaret

Posted: 20 April 2022 in Recommended Streams and Videos
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Black Nail Cabaret have released a video single for the new track ‘Orchid’. The Hungarian avant-garde synth pop duo that has added this stunning song to the bonus material, which is enhancing the reissue of their originally self-released and thus widely overlooked 2018 masterpiece Pseudopop. The album will first be re-released on Digipak CD and at a later date also on vinyl due to production shortages. Pseudopop will also include the previously hidden bonus track ‘The Worm’ and the Digipak CD has been slated to hit stores on April 29, 2022.

Watch the video for ‘Orchid’ here:

Black Nail Cabaret comment: “We wrote ‘Orchid’ towards the end of 2021, which means that this song is a completely new recording”, singer Emèse Árvai-Illes reveals. “We felt that the remastered Pseudopop needed a new track in addition to the previously hidden track, ‘The ‘Worm’. It was a means to distinguish the reissue from the original first release and and also adds value for those fans, who already own Pseudopop, but want to have the new version as well. ‘Orchid’ fits perfectly into the atmosphere and concept of the album. The song deals with intimacy and trust, but also obsession and vulnerability. The music video was created by Tamás Mesmer, who has previously captured the wonderful images for our songs ‘My Casual God’ and ‘Resonance’. He approached the clip from the perspective of obsession and intimacy. Tamás’ clip conveys the feeling of a 90s art film about a complex relationship.”



Pic by Zoran Varga

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