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Tanto. so much. too much.

Lucrecia Dalt and I have shared much music with one another, and over the course of the many years of knowing each other and sharing stages, we decided to collaborate on the track ‘Tanto’ for Qalaq. We discussed a few ideas and wanted to keep it minimal, but maintain the form of a ‘duet’. We exchanged some music and she came up with a beautiful tape loop for the backbone of the track, through which we were able to find our vocal identities. It was a haunting, eerie, out-of-time tape loop, which she proposed after I had sent her the (Arabic) lyrics and a translation of them—and most importantly, their intention. The song is meant to evoke the feeling of ‘envy’ familiar to many people in developing nations.

Legs in an Eastern sewage, eyes in a Western fictitious paradise.

Erin Weisgerber and I decided to make a small film for this song. I had wanted to work with the incredible Stacey Desilier as a choreographer and dancer. We exchanged some ideas and I sent everyone some film references, to which everyone echoed back others, and from there we settled on a setting and imagery and actions and shot this film in the forests north of Tiohtia:ke / Montréal.

–  Radwan Ghazi Moumneh –

Watch the video here:


Qalaq album cover
Photo of the 2019 Beirut October Revolution by Myriam Boulous

Experimental filmmaker and Jerusalem In My Heart visual artist/projectionist Erin Weisgerber’s frenetic and elegiac video for ‘Abyad Barraq’ (from the forthcoming album Qalaq) opens with intense blasts of rapid-fire hand-processed film frames, gradually moving from pure abstraction to recognisable imagery, using the pictures of Beirut-based photographer Tony Elieh as source material.

‘Abyad Barraq’ turns from maximalist blast beats (courtesy Greg Fox) processed and sung over by JIMH composer/producer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, to a haunting drone where Moumneh’s Arabic vocal and modular synthesis inscribe shattering mournful melodic invocations. Weisgerber’s film similarly shifts to longer shots of Elieh’s photography, which documents the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion but also inescapably evokes the city’s deeper tragic histories of destruction and devastation. The final series of untreated and re-projected photographic stills at the end of the ‘Abyad Barraq’ film include Elieh images featured in the Qalaq album packaging.




31.10  Brussels BE  •  Botanique/Rotonde (tix)
01.11  Diksmuide BE  •  4AD (tix)
03.11  Nantes FR  •  Le Lieu Unique
04.11  Bordeaux FR  •  Blonde Venus (tix)
05.11  Bourges FR  •  Antre Peaux/Nadir (tix)
06.11  Dijon FR  •  La Vapeur (tix)
07.11  Geneva CH  •  Cave12 * (tix)
08.11  Clermont-Ferrand FR  •  La Coopérative de Mai ** (tix)
09.11  Lille FR  •  L’Aéronef ** (tix)
10.11  Metz FR  •  Chapelle des Trinitaires *** (tix)
12.11  Paris FR  •  La Station
15.11  Munich DE  •  Rote Sonne
17.11  Genoa IT  •  La Claque
18.11  Terni IT  •  Teatro Secci
19.11  Ravenna IT  •  Bronson
20.11  Cornuda IT  •  Tipoteca Italiana
26.11  Montréal CA  •  La Cinémathèque
27.11  Montréal CA  •  La Cinémathèque
04.12  Ottawa CA  •  Arts Court (Pique Series)
07.12  Quebec CA  •  Grand Théâtre
* w/Jessica Moss   ** w/Thurston Moore Group   *** w/Ana Roxanne