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The clue’s in the name: this is Aural Aggravation. We do ambient, but not chillout, no new age shit. We like abrasion, noise and all things unsettling. But it’s Friday night after another week of global turbulence and insanity. The news is a 24/7 scrolling atrocity exhibition and frankly, we need something to keep us from launching ourselves off a bridge. So this comes as a welcome arrival in the AA inbox.

New York City synthesis trio Forma will be releasing their third LP, Physicalist, via kranky on September 23rd, and today we can hear the first excerpt from this sublime album in the closing track, ‘Improvisation for Flute and Piano’. A slow breaking meditation in which the flute provides the soft, subtle atmosphere, and the piano pulses with expressive persistence, it’s a beautiful curtains close on a record that has no shortage of allure and mystique.