French experimental rock duo Erei Cross, featuring Adrien Grousset from Hacride and Carpenter Brut have recently revealed a music video for a new track from their forthcoming first full-length album The Widow and The Others, due out on May 5th via Klonosphere/Season of Mist.

Watch ‘The Others’ here:


The duo was born in 2019, when the two founding members Adrien Grousset (Hacride, Carpenter Brut) and Laetitia Finidori, with a mutual passion for rock and metal music, decided to join forces and work on a new project. Later on Matthieu Guérineau (Microfilm, Myra lee, Captain Parade, etc..) joined them as their live drummer.
In the first year of their existence, Adrien Grousset, composer and guitarist worked on a couple of songs and six of them were recorded and released as an EP titled "The Widow" in 2021. 

Now in 2023, Erei Cross returns with their first full-length album The Widow and The Others, which  sees the band offering an eclectic, dark and engaging sound encompassing a wide variety of styles, that is hard to describe in a single genre or style. Their music floats between heavy rock, goth, electronic and alternative bringing to mind names like Queens Of The Stone Age or Royal Blood, but with a enchanting vocals performance that recalls PJ  Harvey at times.


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