The track is from the album Stewart Home Comes In Your Face (Sabotage Editions 1998). The song was written in mid-80s and performed live then. It has a cameo in Stewart Home’s first novel Pure Mania (Polygon Books 1989). The first studio recording wasn’t until the late 90s. Pure Mania (which goes for anything from £30-£85 on the secondhand market now) and Stewart Home Comes In Your Face are being reissued in 2023 by Leamington Books and New Reality Records respectively.

This follows on from New Reality Records stepping up to publish Home’s riotously funny and ultra-kinky novel Art School Orgy after no conventional book publisher would release it.

Ahead of the reissue of the album, in true punk style, Stewart’s produced a DIY zero-budget promo video for ‘Destroy the Family’, shot entirely on location in Motherwell, Scotland.

Watch it here:



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