Rewired by Neon Insect

Posted: 23 February 2023 in Singles and EPs
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Christopher Nosnibor

Former Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles dominated social media here in the UK following the tubby tosser’s proclamation that he doesn’t play unsigned bands because they’re crap. He has, naturally, provoked a virtual riot. All bands were unsigned at some point, and without anyone backing them, they’d have remained unsigned forever, even hiss beloved oasis – who should have probably remained unsigned and instead played their pedestrian pub rock to pub-gig audiences before fucking off to the mediocre day jobs they deserved.

The same applies to so many bands. Most bands who get the break do so because of luck, not talent. They’re not better than the unsigned acts, they just have a contract because someone decided they might have commercial potential. But what do labels know, really? They select taste based on their opinion and observation.

A large percentage of the bands I review are unsigned or otherwise independent, and Neon Insect are yet another. The musical vehicle of German composer and multi-instrumentalist Nils Sinatsch, Neon Insect is a project which provides the soundtrack to thee dystopian present.

The press release reports how ‘Nils found it difficult to continue on the cyberpunk, dystopian-themed path that began on the preceding release; the full-length LP, New Moscow Underground. It’s not hard to understand why. But ahead of the forthcoming album, they’ve given us ‘Rewired’.

It’s industrial, alright, in the 80s sense, a grinding mess of crunching drums, swampy synths and churning bass, bringing elements of Ministry, NIN, and Foetus. It really gets dark and dingy in the final minute, and it’s heavy and intense.



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