Listen: ‘Speechless’ by Meersein

Posted: 24 December 2022 in Recommended Streams and Videos
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Synthpop artist, Meersein recently unveiled their third single, ‘Speechless’. In this acoustic version, which presents the artist’s first single in a stunning new guise, Meersein sums up the fear of failing someone who seems too good to be true.

We all live in a society that puts us under immense pressure; perfection instead of individuality. The fear of failing every day and not conforming to the norm hinders us even in something as natural and inscrutable as love.

With a minimalistic arrangement and soulful piano contrasting with Meersein’s classic synth-based electro aesthetic, the lyrics take center stage. The equally minimal lyric video helps invite you deeper into the heart of the singer. Both melancholic and affirmative, “Speechless” reminds you that you are not alone with your doubts. We are hundreds. We are thousands.

Do you know the feeling of being completely overcome by a sudden rush of emotion? You see that one person who makes your heart beat faster, and you are stopped in your tracks. All you can do is surrender to the awe of the moment. This is ‘Speechless’.

Watch the video here:



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