Watch: ‘It’s All Mine’ by Buñuel

Posted: 24 May 2022 in Recommended Streams and Videos
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Buñuel have shared the video for Killers Like Us album track "It’s All Mine." The video is a visceral display of mercilessness and aggression, with the band performing live in an empty room which can barely contain their energy.

Speaking of the song, vocalist Eugene S. Robinson says, "A kind word and a gun gets your video a lot further than just a kind word… Heavily influenced by film, and mindful of the ways in which film affects life, and life is affected by film, this video needed to recall the fact that musical art for us is probably a little bit more and not so much less of a life and death deal. The funny part was, when trying to get the insurance for the video shoot they were very worried about crowds. And when they HEARD the music they were very worried about ‘dangerous things’. So I had to assure them that there were no dangerous things on set. So, yeah, basically I lied. Which they should have understood is precisely what I’d do in that instance."

The noise in their music is reflected in the erratic figure (of actor Mattia Azzarelli) drawing scratchy charcoal pictures, footage of which is spliced between shots of the band. This haphazard assortment of imagery is expertly crafted by director/editor Duccio Brunetti and director of photography Niccolò Arcostanzo.

About the song the director comments, "When I first heard “It’s all mine” by Buñuel I felt that the song was about something that was “trapped in a cage”. I tried to translate this rage, those vibes that came from their music, into a cinematic experience: I elaborated their meticulous sound into a “bloody” vision that I hope the audience will never forget."

Watch the video here:


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03/07 – Fluc, Wien (AT)

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09/07 – Supersonic Fest, Birmingham (UK)

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14/07 – La Grenze, Strasbourg (FR)

15/07 – Humbug, Basel (CH)

16/07 – Freakout Club, Bologna (IT) NEW

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