Watch: ‘Tomorrow’s Rainbow’ by Playgrounded

Posted: 3 March 2022 in Recommended Streams and Videos
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Having played with big neo-prog acts like Riverside, Playgrounded are no strangers to outer limits of the contemporary merging of rock and electronica. Their upcoming album The Death of Death, released on 18th March, features compositions based from dynamic sound design structures by main composer Orestis.

Being self-produced these days is no exception, but it often results in subpar sounding records. However, with their upcoming studio album Playgrounded have created a masterpiece of modern metal production. New single “Tomorrow’s Rainbow” is an excellent example of how this Greek quintet are able to reveal the smallest of blips between the verses with extreme clarity while effortlessly transitioning to one of the biggest bass grooves this year will see. The band state,

"For yet another time in history we are witnessing the pinnacle of conflict between the rich and powerful of the East and West, resulting in suffering and death for the oppressed of this world. Under the darkest clouds our voice speaks for peace, dignity, solidarity and respect for one another. For finding what’s common.”

Watch the video now:



thumbnail_5 Panos Iliopoulos

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