Watch: ‘Microverse’ by Lossy & Strangers Are People Too

Posted: 4 May 2017 in Recommended Streams and Videos
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“Microverse” is the third release for composer and producer Lossy on his label Boot Cycle Audio. Having previously released with Tru Thoughts, Tessier Ashpool & Two Rivers Records, Lossy teams up with visual artist Strangers Are People Too for this live looping piece which is due to be released both as a full 20 minute film and 4 track digital EP. Originally inspired by experiments with microscopes and natural objects, this work is an exploration of the epicness within the miniscule, a journey to the extraordinary realms that can be found within the ordinary. Here you will find acid techno bass lines layered with orchestral brass, vintage synth sounds blended with overlapping saxophone, along with dystopian warped piano and noise based sound design.

The music is layered up in live loops of electronic and acoustic sounds, all based around a minimal 16 note sequence, taking us through four distinct movements while visuals of electrified organica journey through imagined inner worlds. Having performed and developed the piece at several events, including the Music Tech Fest at LSO St Luke’s in London and IRCAM in Paris, the pair are now delighted to present this polished studio version in all its quirky and colourful glory.

A longform work of immense scope, it’s accompanied by some trippy digital visuals. You can watch it, listen and lose yourself here:


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