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Fire Records – 16th April 2016

Christopher Nosnibor

London-based act Virginia Wing, who supported Hookworms on tour last year, are described as an ‘experimental psych-pop band’. Their latest EP, which follows debut album Measures of Joy, which was lauded by Loud & Quiet and The Guardian, among others, is released on 16th April.

Lead and title track ‘Rhonda’ begins with a tremulous, haunting introduction before hectic electronic drums burst in and drive the track in a very different direction. Over the course of some six and a half minutes, it whips up a duality of tones, with a hard-edged beat and ethereal vocals. Half Cocteau Twins, half Factory Floor, it’s a compelling blend of contrasting tones, simultaneously gentle and abrasive.

If ‘Sisterly Love’ threatens to meander into nothing in its floaty mellowness, the thump and grind which heralds the arrival of ‘Daughter of the Mind’ introduces a new level of darkness and an uncomfortable edge which remain when the beats peter out to be replaced by synth drones that hang in the air for what feels like an age.

With the EP’s three tracks all clocking in beyond the six-minute mark, a radio edit of ‘Rhonda’ offers a window to commercial acceptance, and although it’s very much more 6Music than R1 the hypnotic, piston-pumping rhythm hints at a vast crossover potential.