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Turner Prize winner Martin Creed is a quirky, whimsical, idiosyncratic bugger, and his polyartistry makes him hard to place. Which is part of his appeal.

‘Understanding’ is about arguments.

Creed explains it thus: “I think this song came from some arguments I had. People say it’s good to argue because your true feelings come out, and so it can lead to understanding. But feelings are like hair: you can’t choose what you have. I argued with my hair for years. I tried to persuade it, I tried to deny it, and in the end I had to admit that I was wrong. If you’re arguing with yourself and you realise you’re wrong, where does that leave you? Who wins? And what’s the best hairstyle for you? I want to understand and I wish I could be understood. And I would love it if I could understand myself.”

Hair… who’d have it?

‘Understanding’ is a taster for his his new album, Thoughts Lined Up,  released through Telephone Records on 8th July.

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