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The Metatrons have announced a string of UK tour dates, starting on 29th July in Bristol.

The Metatrons 2021 summer dates

The new album, Deconsruction by riot-pop band The Metatrons is available now through Chapter 22 Records.

"Deconstruction", their third album since their formation in 2011, takes the band to the heart of crunchy guitar pop music with very personal themes – from the joyful "(Who want their) Feet on the ground" to the not-so-subtle digs at those "in charge" in "Population 1" to the universal lifelong love of your favourite music reflected in "I hear you".

"We are really, really pleased to be working with Chapter 22 Records" says Simon Hinksman, guitarist and songwriter. "Their rosta of bands from the 80’s and 90’s were a big deal to us and the fact that they saw something in these new songs and that our band could be part of their family and sit alongside those iconic bands means a lot to us".

"We can’t wait for the album to be heard and get on the road with these new songs – they are energetic and noisy as well as very tuneful and catchy – a proper guitar pop record".

Check ‘Population 1’ from the new album, which can be ordered here, below:


The Metatrons promo image