VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Resurrectionists – ‘Let me Talk You Through This One’

Posted: 24 April 2023 in Recommended Streams and Videos
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Now That We Are All Ghosts is the second album from Milwaukee’s Resurrectionists. The project was self-engineered, recorded and produced; it was mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. The album features nine songs of Doom Chamber-Americana, all powerfully cinematic and ripe for video treatments, leading the group to take the unusual and ambitious step of commissioning videos for every one of them.

‘Let Me Talk You Through This One’ is the fourth of these videos, and it accompanies a laid-back, strung-out lo-fi tune reminiscent of Pavement at The Silver Jews.

The video: An exquisite moody piece by animator Eric Arsnow. Floating towards home (maybe) in a small boat lit only by a lighthouse on an ominous night. He gets there in time.

The song: Originally written for the solo project “The Intelligibles” around the year 2000. A song about ambition, moving places and time.

-Joe Cannon/Resurrectionists

Check the video here…


Resurrectionists pc Brian Theisen

  1. […] videos for every one of them.’ And we were privileged to premier the clip that accompanies ‘Let Me Talk You Through This One’ at the start of this week. Privileged because it’s really something special, not to mention […]

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