Listen: ‘Bad Virgo’ by Argonaut

Posted: 3 April 2023 in Recommended Streams and Videos

Bloody hell, they really are keeping them coming! Argonaut’s work ethic means they’re kicking out tracks like a conveyor-belt, and April’s instalment from the ‘open-ended album’, Songs of the Black Hat is ‘Bad Virgo’ – a slow, moody tune with heaps of chorus all over everything before erupting in a blast of distortion and tremolo.

As a Virgo myself, I spent many years reading and hearing about all of the negative qualities associated with the sign, but eventually came to realise it’s all bollocks, and that there’s nothing wrong with seeking perfectionism, pedantry, and being safe and dependable instead of exciting or whatever.

What isn’t bollocks, however, is this song. Hear it here:



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