Watch: ‘Animal Insults’ by Netherlands

Posted: 1 April 2023 in Recommended Streams and Videos
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Something unlike anything you’ve heard before, Severance is the 9th release from multi-instrumentalist, compulsive creator, and unrepentant volume addict Timo Ellis (Cibo Matto, Spacehog, Yoko Ono) under the Netherlands moniker. Just out on Svart Records, Severance features all the hallmarks of Ellis’ work, including blistering post-shred guitar heroics, primal drumming, and soulful, yet searing caterwauls. But as with every Netherlands release, Ellis has inexplicably found a way to ratchet up the intensity, render the dynamic shifts more extreme, and hone his menacing melange of melody and rhythm into a uniquely weaponized form of rock ‘n’ roll that reaches towards high art.

To coincide with the release of their new album, Netherlands have shared the video for their animal-rights anthem ‘Animal Insults’. Band leader Timo Ellis comments, ‘The song (and video of) ‘Animal Insults’ is more or less a straight up, punk rock animal-rights anthem/ scream of anger and grief. IMO, any regular meat/ fish/ dairy eaters that have the (relative) privilege + access to be able to *extremely easily* transition to a fully plant-based diet…ought to summon the guts to unflinchingly watch footage like this…in order to plainly see how horrifically inhumane (and socially and environmentally catastrophic!) the worldwide, legal, factory farm system really is. The current cultural and commercial manifestations of malevolent, ecocidal speciesism need to be dismantled, at scale…and as soon as humanly possible. ANIMAL LIBERATION RIGHT NOW! ‘

Watch the video now:



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