Watch: ‘Mental Taxation’ by Industrial Puke

Posted: 6 August 2022 in Recommended Streams and Videos
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Swedish crust/death-metal unit Industrial Puke featuring members of Burst and Rentokiller will release their debut EP  “Where Life Crisis Starts” on September 16 via Suicide Records.

Linus Jägerskog from Burst and Jens Ekelin from Rentokiller started Industrial Puke out of their common love for Disrupt and Dismember, along with a pressing need to make music for imminent affect release.

After a long period of writing, finding band members and recording, the debut single “Mental Taxation” was released in June of 2022. The single spawned a partnership with Suicide Records for the release of their debut EP “Where Life Crisis Starts” in September and a full-length album titled “Born into the Twisting Rope” is already set for release in late spring of 2023.

The EP is a direct bombardment of crust, death metal and hardcore minced down to four relentless songs about failing yourself and the men that fail the world.

Showing the band performing in a field with no audience, which we’ll pas no comment on, you can watch the video for ‘Mental Taxation’ here:



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