Watch: ‘Masunaga Vapors (Live)’ by The Armed from "ULTRAPOP: Live at the Masonic"

Posted: 15 July 2022 in Recommended Streams and Videos
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Iggy Pop loves The Armed. We love The Armed, too. It’s fair to say there really is no other act around quite like them. Which makes this latest video, released as a taster for the upcoming live movie, all the more exciting.

Watch ‘Masunaga Vapors (Live)’ here, and be exhilarated by the frenzied energy:

The Armed have released the soundtrack for their narrative-driven, ground-breaking concert film, ULTRAPOP: Live At The Masonic Temple, available digitally and physically via Sargent House. A running combination of score elements from the film and live performances captured in Detroit’s sprawling Masonic Temple, the soundtrack features live renditions of songs from their highly lauded LP, ULTRAPOP and cult-favourite, ONLY LOVE, and also includes their CYBERPUNK 2077 contribution “NIGHT CITY ALIENS".

The movie, which was only available to live stream for a short period of time around its 15th October 2021 debut, will come to Blu-ray and video streaming services on September 29th.

Part Lemonade, part Live at Pompeii and fully infused with a sense of Lynchian dread – the movie is a stunningly-filmed cinematic document of live performances taking place within the opulent chapels, imposing asylum rooms, full-size indoor handball courts, halls (and more) of the mysterious Masonic Temple of Detroit; a 550,000 square foot fortress in the heart of the city. Live performance and story-driven narrative melt seamlessly into one another, as the film confronts themes of identity, information warfare, the commoditisation of artistic products and the commodification of the artist.

ULTRAPOP, released in April 2021, received acclaim across the board, gaining the highly coveted Pitchfork Best New Music and praise from The New Yorker Magazine, Vulture, Stereogum, Revolver, AV Club, Fader, Bandcamp, Entertainment Weekly, Interview Magazine and so much more. Reaching the same extremities of sonic expression as the furthest depths of metal, noise and otherwise "heavy" counterculture music subgenres, it finds its foundation firmly in pop music and pop culture. A joyous, genderless, post-nihilist, anti-punk, razor-focused take on creating the most intense listening experience possible.

Photo Credit: Trevor Naud

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