18th April 2022

James Wells

To promote their new EP, Sweet Giant are releasing a track a month from it, and so precisely one month on from the unveiling of the bright and breezy ‘Til You’re Blue’, they’re back with ‘My Bones’, recorded and self-produced by the band and mixed by Callum Barter (Courtney Barnett/ Kurt Vile).

This outing is a little more paired back, while it’s still big on the breezy melodies, the lyrical bent is rather more reflective and a shade less runny than its predecessor, with Annie Needham mulling on the nature of time as futures past drift together and apart.

‘I can smell my bones / don’t think that they’re my own / like they came from somewhere old / somewhere long ago’, she sings as if lost, adrift in time and uncertain of where she’s heading or where she’s been. It’s not surprising if she feels dislocated and out of time / place, living in London yet so clearly yearning for deserts and dust, freeways and festivals (just check the band pic to see where they see themselves at home).

The band cite along their many influences Fleetwood Mac and Creedence Clearwater Revival, and they really do capture that easy-going 70s American rock vibe, making their music ideal for driving on a sunny day with the windows down and the stereo up.

Band photo 1 - Sweet Giant

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