London based doomy post-punk band Nothingheads unleash the lead single Jukebox as part of their upcoming Digging EP, to be released digitally via London based Holy Dotage Records (Spizzenergi, Voodoo Radio) and as a limited edition tape cassette via Just Step Sideways (Beige Banquet, Civil Partnership, Tommy Cossack).

Propelled by a disco beat and rolling bassline, Jukebox’s energetic and compelling mix was captured by producer Chris Smith and recorded at Press Play Studios In Bermondsey, South London.

Nothingheads say “Jukebox is about retreating into a ‘doom cave’, tuning out and turning it up”.

Formed through a shared love for the capital’s DIY music scene, Nothingheads songs draw no boundaries – no subject is too confusing, no sound too eclectic. The band write collaboratively, harnessing the noise and energy that comes from playing together.

Nothingheads are Rob Fairey (vox / guitar), Matt Holt (bass / synths), Ed Simpson (guitar) & Joe Zain (drums). They’ve been described as ‘creepy post-punk doom and gloom from a basement’ by Turn Up The Volume and ‘part metallica, part punk, part psychedelia’ by Play It Loud UK. Having previously supported Japanese Television, Ugly and DeafDeafDeaf, the band have recently headlining both The Victoria Dalston and Shoreditch’s Jaguar.

Listen to ‘Jukebox’ here (click image to play):


Upcoming shows:

May 1stGet Together Festival (Sheffield)

May 5thOld Blue Last (London)

May 7thHanwell Hootie Festival (West London)

Jul 23rdTramlines In The City (Sheffield)

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