Watch: ‘Love in the Wreckage’ by Metamorph

Posted: 7 April 2022 in Recommended Streams and Videos
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“Witchy” goth rock band, METAMORPH recently unveiled their new single, ‘Love In The Wreckage.’ Not, sadly, an homage to JG Ballard, the song tells a story of life in today’s chaotic world. It’s a transmutation of the world’s chaos into love; a tale of light in the dark.

METAMORPH’s music has always been about change. 2021 was full of so much chaos and pain. METAMORPH’s Margot Day says: “There has been a strange undercurrent of joy in the madness. I found myself transforming this emotional intensity into a spiritual awakening. These new lyrics and melodies are pouring in like an avalanche.”

Check ‘Love in the Wreckage’ here:



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