Watch: ‘Boom Operator’ by Pop. 1280

Posted: 2 December 2019 in Recommended Streams and Videos
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New York industrial punk band POP.1280 who return on 6th December with their new album ‘Way Station’ on Weyrd Son Records have shared an intense new video for latest single ‘Boom Operator’, describing the track as:

“A story of a film technician losing his mind on set. The lyrics explore the terrible punishment we put our bodies and minds through in the world of capitalism. It also explores the topics of human degradation and humiliation, and the violence that erupts from people when they are dehumanized.

Boom Operator was recorded live in one take by Andrew Chugg at Gilded Audio.  When the song was written, it started with the drum pattern and vocals and was built up around that.  After that the throbbing synth was written, the last thing we figured out was the guitar.  It is in the key of B minor and is 130 beats per minute.”

Watch the video here:

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