Watch: ‘Hollow’ by Whispering Sons

Posted: 25 April 2019 in Recommended Streams and Videos

The press release describes the video for the latest cut lifted from Whispering Sons as ‘apocalyptic’ – so of course if got our attention. And the the ‘Best Belgian Band’ don’t disappoint: the bleak visuals are the perfect accompaniment to the tense goth-hued drama, Fenne Kuppens’ voice conveys a blend of fear and loathing against a backdrop of sinewy, tripwire guitars and a meaty backbone of drums and growling bass.

‘The end-of-days feeling of the track is illustrated in the remarkable video. No demonic four horseman, no bloodthirsty robots or aliens to exterminate humanity, but a serene and peaceful kind of doom… We see youngsters assemble at the tree of life in a desolate desert-like setting. Their trancelike gaze aimed high at the sky that’s about to fall… Death from above… Parting ways together… determined, undaunted, unconcerned… “I’ve been afraid too long, I’ve been afraid too long…”’

The band are also at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton this year.

Watch ‘Hollow’ here:

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