STREAMING EXCLUSIVE: ‘Nightmares For Children (And Other Stories)’ by The THING

Posted: 24 April 2017 in Recommended Streams and Videos

Aural Aggravation is pant-shittingly proud to present Nightmares For Children (And Other Stories), the debut soundtrack from York-based HFD (Hypnotic Funeral Drone) act, The THING!

Taking some inspiration from drone/doom bands like Sunn O))) and Godflesh, and  created with the sole purpose to force people to recoil in aural horror, the two-piece (featuring TC6’s Kreecha Honey [guitars, samples] and Seep Away’s Dom Smith [drums]) combine haunting samples with ferocious guitar work and intense drums to craft what can only be described as an abrasive, stomach-churning soundtrack to the death and destruction of your emotions…and hearing.

Of the track which was recorded live and raw at Melrose Yard in York, Kreecha comments: “The Thing’s most beautiful of childhood night terrors has been re-awoken for your listening displeasure.”

‘Nightmares For Children (And Other Stories)’ will be released as a free download on Friday, April 28th via Soundcloud – band.

The band will shortly be working on their next instalment of predicted psychosis – ‘Now We Are SixSixSix’.

Listen to Nightmares For Children (And Other Stories) here:



  1. ccthinks says:

    This is fantastic!

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