Niall James Holohan – New Wave (Is This Rock ‘N’ Roll?)

Posted: 31 October 2015 in Singles and EPs

Black Meringue – 24th October 2015

James Wells

I’m not one to sit on the fence, but despite having listened to this a fair few times – singly and on a loop – I can’t decide if this is an example of gutsy, gritty electro-rock crossover with some genuine nuts, or it it’s some of the biggest bilge I’ve heard in ages. Holohan is cool, for sure. So it comes down to this: is he cool because he doesn’t give a fuck, or is it all a hipsterish affectation, a genre mashup that evinces the sound of a head disappearing up the owner’s sphincter? That he describes himself as ‘a Dylan fanatic with a drum machine’ doesn’t really help swing things either way.

Much as I’m struggling to decide, I’m not sure how much I care: ‘New Wave’ is built on a solid groove that melds electronica to a pumping 90s industrial-inspired beat with some grainy overtones, while Holohan sneers and snarls what I take to be a distain for fashion in a tone that says fuck you , and you, and you. And he does it all in two and a half minutes, and with a big swagger. Hell yeah. That’s rock ‘n’ roll alright.


Niall James Holohan Online

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