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Jess Robinson

Excited? Well gorsh darn it yes, yes I am indeed. To be able to choose between 200 bands for £35, inside the cradle of London’s eclectic Camden? Yes! Slightly bummed about WATO though…

Camden Rocks 2016 (Saturday 4th June) promises bigger names (Cribs, Young Guns, Billy Bragg, Glen Matlock) swirled into a rock cocktail of lesser known acts and up-and-comers. Here’s what I want to see and why, maybe you’ll join me? #prayingforzeroclashes

Black Spiders

If you want Rock, and I mean proper, old-school, riff-laden, ass-kicking, sneering ROCK, Black Spiders will deliver. Perfect for this type of event, I only hope the venue does them justice. But it will. It must. Of course it will. I’m hoping against hope that they play D&B, or even Jitterbug – early Spiders, punchy real rock n roll content but punk-rock song duration, easy to slot in between their standards ‘Just Like a Woman’, ‘Easy Peasy’, ‘Stay Down’ and ‘St Peter’ from their Sons of the North album. I was newly pregnant last time I saw them – this time I can add alcohol to the experience, woohaa \m/ FUBS etc.

Ginger Wildheart

Now, this guy, it amazes me to say, I have never seen live. How? I don’t know! He’s a canny lad, his lyric writing is crazy-good, and he’s a damn fine musician. His songs seem to have a dirty shimmer to them – check out the ‘Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now’ track for a taste. A total of three venues are gonna be hosting this energetic dude on June 4th, so, you have no excuse not to see him!

Queen Kwong

Like no other female-fronted guitar band I’ve witnessed before, Carré is utterly enthralling to watch, throwing herself into the music and oftentimes the crowd, with so much energy, screaming enraged lyrics chased up with haunting whispers, that it’s kinda like watching two tiny ass-kickers take on the world. There are droolworthy pedalboards to glimpse too, if you can tear your eyes away from the performance. ‘Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing’ is about as purrrfect an example of this band’s pared-down punk rock resumé. I for one am intrigued to witness the next incarnation of Queen Kwong; after the departure of Fred Sablan will their sonic power be diminished? With Carré holding the reins? Doubtful. Roll on June 4th.

The Tuts

Tight 3-piece pop-punktasic Tuts are on my list to go see. I’m curious to know if they can cut it and aren’t just about looking pretty-yet-alternative-oooh-I-can-play-and-sing… I have my fingers crossed and here’s why; they can play and they can write catchy lyrics and guitar hooks. All of this is promising. Can they hold the crowd’s attention? With punk songs notoriously short can they fill a set without resorting to tooooo many covers (‘Wannabe’, though…. Really? Shame on you grrls…). Can’t wait.

Grumble Bee

Hotly tipped for 2016, Grumble Bee is solo when writing and recording, but does bring a drummer and bass player to his live performances. Four months into the year and he hasn’t set the music world alight, but there’s time yet. I’ve heard him played a handful of times on Kerrang! Radio – usually by Johnny Doom and I’m interested enough to seek him out in Camden….


“Devastation in the form of a band” so says the husband. He’s seen them four times, so I have to assume carnage will occur. I’m not even going to prepare myself by listening to these guys, I’m just going to immerse myself if their set…and try to survive it.


If you’re after something sludgy and shoe-gazey with an occasional uplifting bright element, you could certainly do worse than Yuck. I’m going to head to these guys for some delightful sonic wind-down during an otherwise manic noise-fest of a day. Hey, a grrl can dream.

If time and timetabling allow, I’d also like to try and catch Glen Matlock, Young Guns, Asylums, Vukovi, The Virginmarys…… still be pining for WATO though…

Venues include:



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