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Pulp front man Jarvis Cocker may be a bit more mainstream than your usual artist featured at Aural Aggravation, but this is crisis. Besides, there’s no question about the prospect of getting a song entitled ‘Cunts Are Still Running the World’ that slams capitalism and right-wing governments to number one would be an ultimate act of subversion. Which is why it gets the Aural Aggro vote (unlike the cuntiest of cunts, Boris lying bastard Johnson).

So what happened?

A fun little Facebook group, started by a couple of lefty music fans has, this week, become the focus of national and international attention.

Rising from nothing to 20,000+ members in its 4 days of existence, the FB group ‘Fancy Getting “C**ts Are Still Running The World” to UK Xmas No. 1?” has now received the endorsement of Mr Cocker’s label Rough Trade Records AND the man himself – and he’s decided that proceeds from single sales this week will benefit SHELTER, the homeless charity.

Purchase the song from iTunes (or wherever) from now until the end of Thursday 19th December. Links:

If you can afford the 99p, please do buy it and buy it from more than one place!

Equivalent is to stream it at least 100 times, i.e. on Spotify or similar. (more streaming details below)

iTunes – no. 3
Amazon – no. 3
7Digital – no. 1



Everyday Life Recordings – 10th December 2019

Christopher Nosnibor

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Moderate Rebels any more, they drop a brand new song just in time for Christmas, and landing two days before the most highly-charged and heavily-weighted general election in memory, it’s bursting with anti-government sentiment:

How come there’s always money,

For bombs? But never any

money… For the old, Or the

young, Or anyone… who isn’t


Beware. Beware of the

cheats. Singing you

love songs, Sing you to


Boiled down to a simple lyrical repetition, the vocals – airy yet monotone – combine with a sturdy, motorik beat and simple, cyclical chord sequence overlaid with analogue synth tones, it’s an ode to media narcotisation and a nation sleepwalking to its doom, and another quintessential  Moderate Rebels cut. They’re still moderate, and still rebellious, and the fact they’ve chosen to release this now – and only make it available until the end of December – makes a clear statement of where they stand and what they’re rebelling against.

Apparently, they have 30 new songs ready to go, and I both hope and expect that’s 30 more songs of the same as the two albums to date. But they can wait until 2020, when they can be the soundtrack to – hopefully – celebration, or, and it’s a terrifying and gloomy prospect – commiseration.

For now, listen to this on a loop, and use it to hypnotize anyone who’s on the fence or you suspect may be a secret Tory. It’s time to get the bastards out and end austerity. And once again, Moderate Rebels get my vote.



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