Looking Tigers – They’re Coming

Posted: 19 March 2023 in Singles and EPs
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24th February 2023

James Wells

Looking Tigers is Marcel Moliner, based in Leith, Edinburgh, and he describes his style as ‘animal techno’, since it’s all based on or inspired by tigers. That’s Not to be confused with Techno Animal, although in reality, this is unlikely.

With a hard bass thudding insistently, this is one of those tracks that’s sparse and stark yet at the same time dense. It’s all about the bass. Or, as Marcel suggests, ‘a steady 125bpm kick acts as a safety net against all unforeseen turns, where tiger roars unveil a very primal experience that won’t be forgotten.’ ‘They’re coming’ is dark and brooding, foreboding, and has strong hints of instrumental remixes of Nine Inch Nails or Depeche Mode, as well as calling to mind early Factory Floor.

Yes, it’s danceable, but it’s also cerebral, and it makes you feel compressed and tense, paranoid, even. You can almost feel their breath behind you: they’re coming, but who are they, and what are they here for?

Equally big on groove and atmosphere, it doesn’t necessarily convey the energy of a prowling hunter or savage beast, but this is interesting.

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