Listen: ‘Leðurblökufjandinn’ by Altari

Posted: 14 March 2023 in Recommended Streams and Videos
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Fire and brimstone from Icelandic Black Metal band Altari, as their volcanic new album Kröflueldar erupts via Svart Records on 14.04.23. Named after a series of eruptions that happened at Krafla in Iceland in 1975, Kröflueldar represents the constant threat of ash that Altari’s music lives under. Kröflueldar was a 9 year series of eruptions, and since the album took almost 9 years to create, Altari felt that it was a fitting title for their scalding and ferocious music.

Now the band have shared the Virus inspired new single ‘Leðurblökufjandinn’ with Óskar Þór commenting, “It’s the oldest song on the record and by far the strangest one considering the overall time pattern. I thank Virus for the inspiration, since it’s from the time I spent most of my listening time on Virus and Ved Buens Ende.

There’s not much to say really, other than the lyrics from that point on became more romanticized throughout the record. It deals with an entity bent on stealing your beauty, be it inner or outer whichever is preferred.

I can safely say that it deals with my past addictions, which prompted me to steal myself away from those closest to me.”

Listen to ‘Leðurblökufjandinn’ here:

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