Kill, The Icon – Bourdain

Posted: 10 February 2022 in Singles and EPs
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11th February 2022

Christopher Nosnibor

Anthony Bourdain’s death by suicide in 2018 really affected people. Colourful and multi-faceted, Bourdain drew comparisons to Hunter S. Thompson, and was described as being “the original rock star” of the culinary world. As such, he was an icon to many.

Punk duo Kill, The Icon’s second single – which lands just months after their high-impact debut, ‘Buddhist Monk’ – is a tribute to the man who was more than a chef, but an author and cultural commentator, and I suppose there’s an emerging theme here, of cultural icons and iconography, of figures who have an impact and leave their mark.

It’s a short, sharp blast of industrial / punk crossover that also nabs elements of 90s noise – the dingy riffery and bending blasts of feedback are reminiscent of not just the obvious grunge reference points, heavier and lesser-known acts like Pitch Shifter and Fudge Tunnel, and equally, this sprawling, abrasive sonic attack hints at the kind of nihilistic fury of the likes of Uniform.

‘No pain, no gain’, Joshi half sings, half shouts, a mantra that’s probably killed more people than its saved. How’s your heart attack?

It’s driven by a bass with a serrated edge, the semi-spoken vocals making a nod to Justin Broadrick in their delivery as Nishant Joshi spits lines that draw influence primarily from Bourdain’s Parts Unknown series.

As singles go, ‘Bourdain’ packs in a hell of a lot, while generally packing some force. It’s punk and more, and we’re digging the more to the max.

Artwork - Kill, The Icon

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