MESH – The Traps We Made

Posted: 24 January 2022 in Singles and EPs
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Dependent Records – 28th January 2022

Christopher Nosnibor

My first encounter with Bristol-based duo MESH was as a support act for The Sisters of Mercy, although ultimately they’re an act I’ve been more aware of the existence of than familiar with. Then again, they’ve never really broken though here at home, and enjoy considerably more success in mainland Europe, particularly Germany – as is the case with so many acts of a darker / more electro / gothier persuasion. The fact that The Sisters and Placebo are still festival headliners in Germany speaks volumes. Mainland Europe is another world, culturally. That the majority of the tracks were shot / recorded at German shows is understandable.

In this context, the idea that MESH are an act who warrant a three-and-a-half hour documentary DVD release is quite something to assimilate, and the fact the email promoting it, with a link to press edit of the film says ‘We hope that this “easier to digest” version will find your interest as we are aware that the full 3.5 hours are a bit much to watch’ is touchingly humble, and seems to accept that this is a release that’s very much ‘one for the fans’ and that while they may be numerous, not all of us journos will be quite as rabid.

This single release is even easier to digest, and cuts to the heart of what fans often want, namely live takes of favourite songs done well.

‘The Traps We Made’ first appeared on Looking Skyward in 2016, and has been something of a signature and fan favourite ever since. It’s a quintessential dark electro tune, and it’s a sow-builder with a lot of soul, and it’s got ‘anthem’ all over it, but equally, the Depeche Mode trappings are extremely evident. And it’s good.

The documentary, from the segments I’ve seen, is also good – an incredibly ambitious project – well-realised with remarkable digital visuals and the footage is well shot, and matched by quality sound and some insightful backstage footage and interview segments. Not one for casuals by any stretch, but the live footage isn’t a bad entry-level intro to their catalogue.


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