Redwood – Honey Sauce

Posted: 5 December 2020 in Singles and EPs
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27th November 2020

Christopher Nosnibor

There’s nothing like a short-lived relationship ending badly and without closure to inspire a fiery breakup song, and in ‘Honey Sauce’, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Redwood goes for the lyrical purge.

Gently crooning, reflective and contemplative over a sparse backing before bringing in the full band backing, ‘Honey Sauce’ is a slow-burner and nicely arranged, but great songwriting, great lyrics isn’t about solid gold – it’s about having that one hook that one killer line, that signature moment that stands out and sticks.

With ‘Honey Sauce’, Redwood hits the mark with ‘I know you couldn’t give me your time / And I wish you’d get up and move out of my mind’. It’s a line that’s universally relatable and possesses a translatability across a host of scenarios, that speaks to the mental anguish of being unable to clear one’s mind, that tendency we all have to play scenes and vignettes on a loop that achieves nothing but anguish and self-torture.

It’s all delivered with a measured vocal that weaves an accessible, enticing melody, making for a perfectly bittersweet experience.

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