Sonïtus – Kleptocracy

Posted: 2 February 2017 in Singles and EPs
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Christopher Nosnibor

Sometimes, stuff just gets buried in my inbox. People – bands, PRs, family, friends – all probably figure I’m ignoring them, or just being a twat as usual. The latter may well be true, and as for the latter, perhaps so, but unintentionally. John Peel always used to make a point of listening to everything he was sent. Unfortunately or otherwise, depending on your perspective, I’m not John Peel.

“We all have that need to break out of the cycle of daily life,” says the band’s guitarist and vocalist Dein Moore. He’s right. I’m at work all day every day during the working week, which makes wading through review submissions hard. So, yeah. I’m almost six months late this this. But better late than never, right?

The seven tracks on Kleptocracy showcase the band’s immense range, often within a single track. Opener ‘Alleviate’ begins quiet, lilting, an amalgamation of folk and prog with a distinctly mainland European flavour, before rupturing into a surging alt-rock climax.

Salsa rhythms clack through the delicate, supple guitars and build gradually on ‘Colour Tone’, and if ‘Autumn Leaves’ manifests as a rather middling, mellow radio-friendly acoustic rock number, the soulful depth of the vocals have a certain appeal. There are also elements of 8 Storey Window (whatever happened to them?) and Amplifier in the arrangement, and the comparisons carry through on the driving title track, too.

There’s plenty of meat to Kleptocracy, but also a lot of detail, making for a neat balance and an EP that’s got a fair bit to hold the attention.




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