Breakfast MUFF – Rainbow Yawn (EP)

Posted: 21 November 2015 in Singles and EPs

Fuzzkill Records – 19th December 2015

James Wells

“I am just emailing to ask if you would be interested in reviewing ‘Rainbow Yawn’ the new EP by Breakfast MUFF?” asks the email from the label, and forwarded by my editor.

Of course I am. The band is called Breakfast MUFF, for a start. Oh, and their record – sorry, cassette – is being released by Fuzzkill records. So, while there’s likely a most apposite SuperFuzz BigMUFF reference-cum-gag to be made there, the label and band name serve as recommendations in themselves, and what’s more, Breakfast MUFF – a three-piece glitter-trash punk band from Glasgow – describe themselves as, ‘Like Hole, but funnier’. Of course, much as I love Hole (at least the first couple of albums, the later stuff, not so much), ‘funny’ isn’t a word I, or anyone else is likely to associate with them. Consequently, I’m sold on Breakfast MUFF (note the shouting capitals of ‘MUFF’ there, too) before I even hear the music. The audacity and attitude is in your face from the outset.

And it so happens that, as you’d perhaps expect, the songs are scuzzy, lo-fi punky grunge-pop, like Shonen Knife if they’d come from Glasgow and had recorded their songs on a 4-track in one of their parents’ garages. Spiky, abrasive but bouncy and fun, overproduction isn’t an accusation you could level at this lot. But that’s precisely what makes them cool.

Breakfast MUFF

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