Spiritwo – Mesumamim

Posted: 8 October 2015 in Singles and EPs

Spiritwo – Mesumamim

13th November 2015

James Wells

What makes the world of music exciting is its infinite diversity. Yes, believe it or not, there’s more than the endless mass-produced slop of Radio 1, etc. and similarly, there’s more to ‘world’ and ‘crossover’ than Jools Holland. Thank fuck.

Spiritwo have already supported Martin Rev, UK Decay and Punishment of Luxury as well as Savages, Knifeworld and Naive New Beaters, and that’s recommendation enough for me. But, if you need any more convincing, this release is pitched as ‘Spaghetti Western Urban Melodrama’, and it’s a glorious hybrid which evokes many spirits but subscribes to no particular genre.

Mesumamim’ means “On Drugs” in Hebrew, and the track takes this as an extended metaphor for the zombies of large urban spaces (taking London as its inspiration). Weaving a hypnotic rhythm, it forges a landscape that zig-zags between the interior and exterior worlds and creates a space somewhere in between to magnificent effect.

Spiritwo Online




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