Nasher – 432-1 Open the Vein

Posted: 3 August 2017 in Albums
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Babylon Pink – 23rd June 2017

James Wells

Ooh. This is actually quite nice. Heavy hints of Amplifier colour the album’s opener, ‘Salt in Our Veins’, but I’m equally reminded of subtly psych-tinged 90s alt rock merchants 8 Storey Window. Their sole album, produced by Terry Bickers of House of Love, stands as something of a lost classic.

It seems odd to be writing about 8 Storey Window and House of Love – both very much 90s bands – given that Nasher is the current musical project of Brian Nash, formerly of 80s giants Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

‘432-1 Open the Vein’ certainly pegs back the abrasion and aggression of Brian’s forebears. In fact, Nash’s provocative past is cast aside here, with the songs on Open the Vein ditching synths and dancefloor-friendly beats in favour of what one might describe as a more alt-rock / indie sound which is very much guitar-orientated.

There are so many easy but emotive melodies stashed away in the layers of ‘Open the Vein’, with the soft, supple acoustic-led ‘Whole’ calls to mind Oceansize’s softer moments, with its processed harmonies and subtle sense of the expansive.

‘Where Will the Kids Live’ is dark, claustrophobic and uncomfortable despite its melodic accessibility. ‘Prostitutes and Cocaine’ slips into Doves-y pop orientated territory, and ‘Just Sounds Like Noise’ is an accessible piece of 80s prog-pop that strums along easily in its acoustic-led way, with heavily processed, smoothed-out and massively layered vocals. It sounds less like noise than some lame, overproduced bollocks, but given that the majority of the album is strong and dynamic, I’ll let it pass.

Nasher – 432-1 Open the Vein


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