UK electronic indie outfit H2SO4 were one of the best kept secrets of the late ’90s, releasing a slew of singles and a brace of albums at the turn of the millennium that were well received by pundits and public alike, with songs that can be heard in TV shows such as ‘The Sopranos’, ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘Queer As Folk’. 

Now, via a collaboration with production duo Bombay Monkey, they have created a stunning new album of ’80s tinged electronic prog-pop interlaced with atmospheric soundscapes. Entitled ‘Love And Death’, it is released today (23rd July).

A video for the album ballad ‘No Poems’ has been made available to coincide, with Louder Than War describing the song as “a beautiful death soliloquy with a haunting quality.” With its memorable chorus of “I’ve never been to Sicily, and I’ve never been to Rome”, it can be seen as H2SO4’s musical version of the ‘Tears In Rain’ speech from Blade Runner, with the band explaining that the lyric is “the lament of a last-generation robot as she nears the end of her life and capabilities. She longs to travel and write poetry but instead is found wandering around on the ring road on the edge of town. Indeed she now wishes she has never been found.”

Watch the video here:




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