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Panurus Productions – 22nd November 2019 Christopher Nosnibor Newcastle-based cassette label Panurus really don’t have a particular house style, genre r aesthetic beyond releasing stuff that’s different and obscure. A lot of music that languishes in obscurity does so not because it’s not good, or even necessarily because it’s inaccessible, but because it simply doesn’t […]

Panurus Productions Christopher Nosnibor The text accompanying this ultra-limited and micro-niche release forewarns of ‘Blackened hardcore that follows three simple rules: 1. Do you remember earth, fluid, accident, stone and teleport? Perhaps 2. And the smell, a blade under the water three floors up, correct? Yes 3. And fresh marble lines submarine quarters, but they […]

Panurus Productions – 18th October 2019 Christopher Nosnibor WHELM verb past tense: whelmed; past participle: whelmed engulf, submerge, or bury. "a swimmer whelmed in a raging storm" well up or flow. "the brook whelmed up from its source" It’s funny: I’d never really considered the true meaning of ‘whelmed’, and I’ve simply used it as […]

Panurus Productions – 27th August 2019 Christopher Nosnibor When I lived in Glasgow, I was perplexed by the use of the word ‘links’ to refer to sausages for quite some time. Being from Lincolnshire by birth, I assumed (erroneously) that they were saying ‘Lincs’, but at the same time was aware that there was a […]

Panurus Productions – 26th July 2019 Christopher Nosnibor ‘Prolific’ is the word. There are a number of artists, with a significant pocket being Japanese noisemakers like Merzbow and Kenji Siratori As Paraponera Clavata, released in March, marked his 41st release since his 2014 debut, it would be fair to place Osaka’s Takahiro Mukai in the […]

Cruel Nature Records – 29th July 2019 Christopher Nosnibor Sometimes, social networking really works. When Facebook isn’t about infighting, trolling, bitching, pissing and moaning, and people accept contact from strangers based on mutual friends and mutual interests, good stuff happens. I can’t exactly recall how I came into contact with James Watts, who runs Newcastle-Upon-Tyne […]

Christopher Nosnibor This is a show I’d been looking forward to for weeks, even months. Arranged as a benefit gig for Mind and Shelter, Aural Aggro and personal faves Modern Technology have pulled together a truly killer lineup for their official hometown EP launch show. So I arrived at The Victoria a full two hours […]

Panurus Productions – 21st June 2019 Inspector Fogg is Newcastle filmmaker Wayne Lancaster, and his eponymous album threatens ‘ten tracks of warm synth-based stuff.’ For some reason, this makes me think about pissing down my own leg. The slow, soft wash of sound that marks the album’s arrival in the form of ‘Fuyu’ isn’t nearly […]

Panurus Productions / Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings – 22nd March 2019 Christopher Nosnibor It feels like I’ve been bombarded with spectral oceans lately, what with Teeth of the Sea’s Wraiths and now The Sea to Which the Body is Drawn by Wreaths, the project of Northumberland based artist Michael R. Donaldson, which utilises ‘four track experimentation, […]

Panurus Productions – 22nd February 2019 Christopher Nosnibor It promises ‘a voyeuristic excursion through the concrete labyrinth of Greater Manchester. A collage of the constantly evolving sensory barrage of the big city and it’s accompanying paranoia. The infinite possibilities of an adopted home and the entangled memories of the intrepid listener.’ It’s also pitched as […]