Listen: ‘Present Day Montage’ by Joni Void

Posted: 27 April 2023 in Recommended Streams and Videos
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Everyday Is The Song is an evocatively drifting ambient-adjacent work of sampled tape, a diaristic soundwork that weaves interconnected songs out of field recordings and ephemeral music snippets featuring dozens of players in Void’s artistic community, including Owen Pallett, Sarah Pagé, N NAO, Shota Yokose and YlangYlang.

Two tracks from the album have just been made public.

‘Present Day Montage’ is one of them, and it begins as a scratchy droning chordal piece sampling organ from “I’ve Never Seen Paris In The Spring” by Philadelphian Darian Scatton’s Still Sweet project (from a rare 7-inch on Edible Onions), gradually blended with samples from a Montréal live performance recording by Acid Mt. Royal (Sarah Pagé, Maya Kuroki, Shota Yokose & Eddie Wagner). Void drops one of their trademark minimal broken-clockwork beats around the halfway mark, accentuating the sense of temporal slippage and transience. Disembodied atonal singing voices, the echoes of crowds and empty spaces, and the glistening of freight trains grinding on the tracks that run through Montréal’s Mile-End district, create a montage that melds gently otherworldly melancholy with concrete urban-industrial specificity.

“Present Day Montage” has a self-explanatory title. As one of the closing songs on the album, it was meant to evoke a time-lapse sequence that runs up to my current time and place, in relation to the years where ‘this album took place’—like those epilogues at the end of films that describe the fate of the characters. This time-lapse reveals both changes and repeated cycles, elements that stay in place and others that drift by, the sensation of both fast motion and slow stillness. — Joni Void

Listen to ‘Present Day Montage’ here:


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